Things every South-African local should own:

Posted by Allek Pottas on

1. AHD 4 channel CCTV kit with internet and 4G phone viewing

With all those acronyms you’ll certainly feel like a spy during the Cold War, but those spies wished they had this kind of technology. With night vision, internet backup, six different operational modes, and 3G phone viewing, you’ll be far more prepared than Bond.

2. Digitway 10 000 MAH Powerbank

For South-African people are friends and family the most important thing in the whole wide world. To keep in contact with them whole the day a mobile charger is an absolute must have!

3. Two in one kaleidoscope swivel out compact make up kit

Another important thing in South-Africans life is their look and image. With this make up kit you can look more beautiful than Beyoncé or Rihanna and impress everyone around you!

4. Universal spring roll maker

Food. Nobody can live without it. With this spring roll maker you can make every food very special and good looking. Create your own sushi creations and be like chef Gordon Ramsey.

5. DIY outdoor mist cooling system

Whenever summer comes, it’s always a good thing. Fun filled days, pool parties, beach bods and bronze tans. But it also brings the heat, and in some cases record high temperatures. But with the DIY Outdoor Mist Cooling System, your braai or outdoor event will be the coolest place in town.


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