Loyalty Programme


The Ideal Direct Loyalty Programme is powered by Lyoness an international Loyalty Partner based in 47 Countries. We love shopping and believe that it should be fun! That’s why you will  get double the benefits every time you shop with Ideal Direct when you sign up to our Loyalty Programme. With Cashback and Shopping Points, the Lyoness Shopping Community offers you numerous benefits free of charge, which you cannot get anywhere else!

With our Loyalty Programme you benefit where ever you shop within the Lyoness Community, all you have to do is download the Cashback Card App, have your Mobile Card Ready when you purchase and Boom! You benefit with Cashback and Shopping Points.

Our Loyalty Programme offers you the opportunity to get cashback when you shop at Key Accounts. How do you benefit?

How to Order and Collect Your Physical Vouchers

  1. Where do I get CashBack Vouchers?
    You can order the Original Cashback Vouchers online. The payment will then be taken from your Lyoness Purchase Account. Vouchers ordered online can either be for collection or delivered via the postal service. You can purchase Original Vouchers from our Voucher Selling Points >or Purchase the vouchers from either of our Official Lyoness offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  2. How can I redeem vouchers?
    When you arrive at the till with your purchase, produce the Voucher that you have purchased from Lyoness. The Cashier will swipe the Voucher and the balance will be available on the same Voucher for your next purchase

How to Order Your Virtual Vouchers

  1. Where do I get my Virtual Vouchers?
    You can order the Virtual Voucher Online or purchase the Virtual Voucher directly at any of our official local Lyoness Offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The payment will then be taken from your Lyoness Purchase Account or Cash dependant on how you purchase your Virtual Vouchers.
  2. How can I redeem my Virtual Vouchers?
    Once you have purchased your Virtual Voucher you will receive an SMS with your Voucher Code ( make sure that you keep it save ). When you want to redeem the value on the Virtual Voucher all you need to do is give the Sales Person your Voucher Code and You are ready to go.