They are Alcohol based:

It can happen in the case of imports from other countries that the concentration of the perfume may differ to that of the local version that you find in your regular retailer. This is because they are made in different manufacturing plants.

They use different alcohol bases around the world i.e. Europe uses a potato based alcohol (Vodka), France uses grape based alcohol, and the USA uses a grain based alcohol. 

This item has been imported without the approval or licence of the registered owner of its trademark. No guarantee or warranty in respect of this item will be honoured or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer of this item, so any warranty claims will be covered by Catch, in accordance with our Returns Policy


  • Product may have slight package difference
  • Picture displayed is a representation
  • They are 90% same as original
  • They are manufactured with less Alcohol 
  • The look and the smell are the same as the original
  • Delivery will be in 7-14 working days


Returns Policy 

  • Returns are accepted only if in original packaging.
  • Notify us with 3 days of receiving defective product 
  • Defective products need to be returned for an exchange of product